vNew PDF to IMAGE Command Line
  1. Overview  
  2. Functions  
  3. Installation&Uninstallation  
  4. System requestment  
  5. Getting started  
  6. Command parameters  
  7. Pages Range Setting  
  8. Registration  
  9. Copyright&License  
 1. Overview
      vNew PDF to IMAGE Batch Converter is a useful pdf tool, the converter produces fully functional IMAGE documents with text, pictures, graphics etc, using the original PDF document formatting.It does not need any software support, such as Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Reader, etc.  
      vNew PDF to IMAGE Batch Converter supports outputting result pages to be customized.You can select sevral pages document to convert,and even at the discretion of you to convert pages document. Such as "1,2,3","2-100" etc,more information,please reference to page range setting. It process the documents one after another, to ensure a output directory for each of them and placing all the finished files of the document into its corresponding directory.  

 2. Functions
(01)  It quickly convert PDF document to image format.
(02)  It supports batch PDF to image conversion.
(03)  It supports encrypted PDF file.
(04)  It supports outputting result pages to be customized.
(05)  It supports multifarious image format,such as 'bmp','tiff','jpg','png','pcx' etc.
(06)  It supports conversion of vector graphics into tiff files.
(07)  It supports generate multipage tiff files.
(08)  It supports any resolution in the generated tiff files.
(09)  It supports conversion into 1bit, 4bits, 8bits,4bits grayscale ,8tits grayscale and 24bits format image.
(10)  It supports multifarious compression of tiff image,such as LZW, JPEG, CCITT Group3,CCITT Group4,RLE etc.
(11)  It is easy to use stand-alone application.
(12)  It allows you to preserve original document layout.
(13)  It supports Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/vista Operating System.
(14)  It does not require Adobe Acrobat or Reader support.
(15)  Automatic installation and configuration.
(16)  Adobe Acrobat 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 compatibility.

 3. Installation&Uninstallation

      Installation: You can download the programe setup file which is a zip file from our site at first, then you only need to decompress setup file. After above working, you can use the program.  

      Uninstallation: All neet to do for uninstallation are to delete the direcotry which place the program files.  

 4. System requestment

     Supported Operation Systems  
     The following operation systems listed have been tested with PDF to IMAGE Command Line and are officially supported.  
      (1) Microsoft Windows 2003 Server 32-bit Web Edition, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition;
      (2) Microsoft Windows 2003 Server x64 Web Edition, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition;
      (3) Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Home Edition;
      (4) Microsoft Windows XP x64 Professional;
      (5) Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server;
      (6) Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional;
      (7) Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimage and Home Edition;

     Recommended hardware  
      (1) CPU: Intel(or Standard PC) 800MHz or faster compatible x86 processor;
      (2) RAM: 256MB or more RAM recommended, 128MB minimum;
      (3) Hard-disk: 100MB free space recommended, 50MB free space required;

     Pre-installed component in OS  
      (1) Dot Net Framework 2.0 : This compoenent must be pre-installed in the Computer.

 5. Getting Started

This section describes the vNew PDF to IMAGE Batch Converter Command Line application that are available to you when working with PDF documents.
  vNew PDF to IMAGE Batch Converter Command Line is very easy to use.All you need to do is to setup the pdf documents that you want to convert and ouput direcotryt,for hign-level you can setup other parameters command settings. More command settings please click here. The examples look like below.
      Quick to use vNew Pdf to IMAGE Batch Converter Command Line.
   pdftoimage -i "c:\mypdf1.pdf" 1,2,5-10 -o "d:\" -t bmp Extract c:\mypdf1.pdf to d:\,it only contain pages 1,2,5 through 10 and ouput 24bits bmp images.
   pdftoimage -i "c:\mypdf1.pdf" -i "c:\mypdf2.pdf" -o "d:\imgs" Extract c:\mypdf1.pdf and c:\mypdf2.pdf to 'd:\imgs'.
   pdftoimage -i "c:\mypdfs even_pages" -o "d:\" Extract all even pages of the pdf files placed in 'c:\mypdfs even_pages' to 'd:\'.
   pdftoimage -r AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Register the program.
  pdftoimage -d Deactivate the licensed program.

 6. Command parameters
       pdftoimage.exe <-i <input> [pages range] > [-i <input> [pages range]-i ... ]>
[-o <output>]
[-u <user password>]
[-t <image type >] [-x <horizontal dpi>] [-y <vertical dpi>]
[-b <color bits per pixel>][-c <tiff compression mode>][-r <register>][-d<deactivate>]
      (1) Input and Output Settings
  -i <input>  Source pdf files or directory which contains pdf files you want to convert.This parameter can appear several times,such as:
e.g. 1) pdftoimage -i "c:\my pdf_1.pdf" -i "c:\my2.pdf" -i "c:\my pdfs" -o "d:\mypdfs"
          Extract pdf files which are 'c:\my pdf_1.pdf','c:\my2.pdf' and all pdf files placed in 'c:\my pdfs' to 'd:\mypdfs'.
[pages range]   Indicate extract pages ranges from pdf files.The program supports the following pages range.
serial parameter symbol


1 ALL_PAGES extract all pages
2 FIRST_PAGE extract first page
3 LAST_PAGE extract last page
4 EVEN_PAGES extract even pages
5 ODD_PAGES extract odd pages
6 CUSTOM_PAGES extract custom pages
Default is extract all pages,more custom pages range information reference to pages range setting.
e.g. 1) pdftoimage -i "c:\my pdf 1.pdf" FIRST_PAGE -o "d:\"    Extract the first page of "c:\my pdf 1.pdf" to "d:\".
e.g. 2) pdftoimage -i "c:\my pdf 2.pdf" EVEN_PAGES -o "d:\"    Extract all even pages of "c:\my pdf 2.pdf" to "d:\".
e.g. 3) pdftoimage -i "c:\mypdf3.pdf" 1,5-10,25- -o "d:\"     Extract the pages 1,5 through 10,25 through end of "c:\mypdf3.pdf" to "d:\".
  -o <output>   Set destination directory to output result html files,default same as input directory.

      (2) Image Settings
 -t <image type>  It is to set the type of result image files. The program supports the following image type.
serial parameter symbol


1 "BMP" bmp image file
2 "PNG" png image file
"PCX" pcx image file
4 "JPEG" jpg image file
5 "TIFF" tif image file
6 "PNM" pnm image file
7 "PSD" psd image file
Default is to ouput jpg image files..
e.g. 1) pdftoimage -i "c:\mypdf.pdf" -o "d:\"
          Extract all pages of "c:\mypdf.pdf" to "d:\", it is to output jpg image file and set jpg.
e.g. 2) pdftoimage -i "c:\mypdfs" -o "d:\my gifs" -t GIF -b 8 -g
          Extract all pdf files placed in "c:\mypdfs" to "d:\my gifs",it is to output 8bits grayscale gif image files.
 -x <horizontal dpi>  It is to set the horizontal dpi.
 -y <vertical dpi>  It is to set the vertical dpi.
  -q <image quality >  It is to set the quality of jpg/jpeg, from 1 to 100.
 -b <color bits per pixel>  It is to set the number of bits per pixel with 1,4,8 and 24, default is 24.
-c <tiff compression mode>  It is to set the tiff compression mode. The program supports the following mode.
serial parameter symbol


1 "None"  
2 "LZW"  
4 "GROUP3"  
5 "RLE"  
Default is CCITT Group4 compression for 1bit tiff, LZW compression for 4,8,24bits tiff.
e.g. 1) pdftoimage -i "c:\mypdf.pdf" -o "d:\" -t tif -m -g -b 8 -c LZW
          Extract all pages of 'c:\mypdf.pdf' to 'd:\',it is to ouput 8 bits grayscale multipage tiff and the compression is 'LZW'.
-g  It is to set grayscale image.If you set grayscale image,the progrom only accept 4 or 8 bits colors,default to set 8bits colors image.
e.g. 1) pdftoimage -i "c:\mypdf.pdf" -o "d:\" -t bmp -g -b 24
          The above command ignore parameter '-b 24',it sets 8bits grayscale bitmap and places all result bitmaps to 'd:\' automaticly.
-m  It is to set the multipage tiff.
-s It is create seperate image files for each page
-a It is to create a single image TIFF file for all pdf files in the input folder.

      (3) Security Settings
  -u <user password>  It is to set password for protected PDF files.

      (4) Other Settings
  -r <register>  It is to register program.
-d Deactivate the licensed program

      For example:
        pdftoimage -i "c:\mypdf1.pdf" -o "d:\my _ images_dir" Extract c:\mypdf1.pdf to 'd:\my _ images_dir',it is to output 24bits jpg images.
        pdftoimage -i "c:\mypdf1.pdf" 1,2,5-10 -o "d:\" -t bmp Extract c:\mypdf1.pdf to d:\,it only contain pages 1,2,5 through 10 and ouput 24bits bmp images.
        pdftoimage -i "c:\mypdf1.pdf" -i "c:\mypdf2.pdf" -o "d:\imgs" Extract c:\mypdf1.pdf and c:\mypdf2.pdf to 'd:\imgsr'.
        pdftoimage -i "c:\mypdfs even_pages" -o "d:\" Extract all even pages of the pdf files placed in 'c:\mypdfs even_pages' to 'd:\'.
        pdftoimage -r AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Register the program.

 7. Pages Range Setting
      The system supports to customize pages.You can select sevral pages document to convert,and even at the discretion of you to convert pages document. Such as "1,2,3","2-100" etc,more information reference to the following.
Page range Description
2 Extract page number 2 into pdf document.
2,7 Extract pages 2 and 7 into pdf document.
1-9 Extract pages containing pages 1 through 9.
-3 Extract pages containing pages 1 through 3 .
5- Extract pages containing pages 5 through end.
1,5-20,25,30- Extract pages containing pages 1,5 through 20, 25 and 30 through end.
      8. Return Values
0 =>Successfully Executed.
1 =>No files to convert.
2 =>No destination folder exist.
4 =>Not valid activation Code(When activate the tool using license key)
5 =>Failed Deactivation(When deactivate the licensed tool)
6 =>Already Registered(When activate the tool using license key)
7 =>Failed Activation.
8 =>Key is not suitable to the computer.
9 =>Failed to mark the license key in the computer (Disable if any Antivirus or Firewall is enabled)
10 =>Computer date is NOT correct by comparing with Server date. Try after setting correct date.
11 =>Product has been deactivated by the product owner.Please contact the product owner.
12 =>Registration process for this Code was NOT success.Contact the product owner.
13 =>Activation code is expired.
14 =>Maximum allowed seats are activated using this License key. Purchase new key or contact the product owner for more seats.
-3 =>Process failed(Unknown error)
-2 =>User cancelled the process.
-1 =>Arguments passed are not in correct formate.

 8. Registration
    PDF to IMAGE Command Line is very easy to be registered, it looks like the following.  
    pdftotiff.exe -r "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"  
     (1) Demo version
  You can free download a demo version at
Limitations of the demo version:
You are allowed to process only up to 5 pages of each pdf files simultaneously.

     (2) Buy now
  You can order vNew Pdf to Tiff Batch Converter online. Click here to buy right now.
Single License - only $24,thanks for you support.

     (3) Technology support

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 9. Copyright&License
End User License Agreement(EULA)

  This vNew End User License Agreement ("EULA") accompanies all software products ("Software"). Please read this EULA carefully.

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  "Evaluation Software" means a version of vNew' Software licensed as an evaluation or trial. This version is neither for resale nor for production use.
  "License" means a person and/or company entering into this EULA.
  "Unlock Code " means a unique unlock sequence that allows enabling of the Software for production use.

  Software License. Upon issuance of a valid Unlock Code sequence by vNew to Licensee, you can install Software on one (1) Computer, unless otherwise indicated under a Server License granted by vNew.

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  a. Use.
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  b. Storage.
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  c. Copying.
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  d. Reservation of Rights.
  vNew reserves all rights not expressly granted to you in this License Agreement.

  e. License Abuse and/or Violation.
  If any abuse of a license is suspected or found, vNew retains the right to make the Unlock Code invalid. You also agree to surrender your license immediately upon any notification of violation of any of the terms in this EULA and you will not be refunded any money upon surrendering your license.

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